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Cabo is Booming!


Whether it is the marlin that got away, your child’s first whale sighting, or a repose in a private
oceanfront villa boasting a full-service staff, people visit, then come back, and then they do
everything humanly possible to move to Cabo (just google the number of foreign real estate

Yes, Cabo is on Forbes’ top 18 travel destinations for 2018, credited to the turquoise seas, year-
round surf, waterfalls, golf and private luxury accommodations, and the empty golden sand
beaches make the 2-3 hour flight from most US cities seem that much shorter, solidifying it as a
hotspot for proud Texans, Californians in search of beaches sans crowd, and Canadians ritually
abandoning harsh winters, but above all, Cabo allows you leave it all behind, and that is the
magical allure.

CABO IS BOOMING. Despite unsavory press last summer, Cabo is isolated from the violence
in mainland Mexico and 100% safe to visit. The state department reports a level 2 security travel
advisory which is the same as Germany, Denmark, and England.
In fact, Cabo is an indomitable economic juggernaut with one of the highest wealth per capita
ratios in the world supported by the recent $5 Billion US in investment to double resort
accommodations. Hard Rock Los Cabos, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Cesar’s Palace all open
in 2019.

The new resorts will support record breaking tourism which hit an all-time high in the first
quarter of 2018 and is increasing 14% annually, on par for an unprecedented 3 million people
and 200 cruise ships to descend upon the once little fishing village sporting a new extreme
makeover (1) .

bachelorette party, Batman (Cristian Bale) swimming with whale sharks, or Mr. Clooney at
dinner seated adjacent to the owner of the second largest US Airline, (they both love Flora’s
Farm, rightfully so – it is exquisite), when you encounter a high-profile in Cabo the vibe is
different – like they’ve been holding their breath for some insurmountable period of time and
they just finally let go. One might say charmingly accessible.

And that is the inexplicable beauty of Cabo. Arrive. Decompress. Repeat. The feeling literally
washes over you the minute you walk out of the airport, whether it’s your first visit or your bi-
monthly repatriation, when you’re in Cabo you’re free.

1. Secretary of Tourism Bi-Annual Report June 2018

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