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Nuevo Vallarta Mexico



In between the vast immensity of the Pacific Ocean and the greenery of the mountains of the Sierra Madre, runs a long stretch of coastlands where peacefulness and enjoyment has been turned into a kingdom of permanent sun and tanned bodies, with delightfully seductive beaches, exciting islands that invite adventure and romantic sunsets that summon love. Casa La Vida has an amazing view of Nuevo Vallarta.

And within this kingdom of sun and sea, fun wears a sandy disguise on the refreshing beaches, hides at the submarine bottom strewn with its multi-coloured fishes and ‘mountains’ of coral reefs, allows itself to be seen upon the migratory Humpback Whale silhouettes or maybe sails in a glass bottomed boat, sometimes bearing the escort of dolphins and rays.

Days of exciting rest, of relaxing adventures in Nuevo Vallarta, an attractive, warm and unforgettable destination in which gets blended the peacefulness of its beaches with the richness of its marine fauna and the exuberance of the vegetation in the Sierra Madre with the luxurious modernity of its tourist infrastructure, designed with a concept of respect for the natural environment.

These beaches, with soft sands and peaceful seas, are Nuevo Vallarta (State of Nayarit), and extend for a length of five kilometres of shoreline. They are a constituting part of the Bay of Banderas, the biggest in Mexico and the sixth in the world, a geographical space shared with Puerto Vallarta, its most famed and nearby Southern neighbour, in the State of Jalisco.

Nuevo Vallarta is a refuge for the sun, conquering the visitor with the beauty of its beaches and the calmness of its transparent seas, wherein diving becomes almost an obligation, an unavoidable duty that will allow you to discover in amazement, specially around the Marietas Islands, the depths of the Pacific Ocean, strewn with life, speckled with colour.

Nowadays considered as a National Ecological Reserve, the peculiar archipelago of the Marietas is one of the major attractions of Nuevo Vallarta, not only for its underwater caves that drive the divers wild, but for the richness of its marine fauna especially of birds and for the timely visits of the Humpback Whales to the rocky areas of El Morro and Corbeteña.

Every year, between December and March, these marine giants, coming from the Antarctic cold seas, swarm into the warm waters of the Marietas where they give birth to their calves, thus providing, without even being aware of it, one of the most impressive natural shows of the planet.

But these huge cetaceans are not the only species who have turned Nuevo Vallarta into a maternity. A similar thing happens with the Gulf Turtles (Lepidochelys solivacea), which every year lay their eggs on the sandy beaches. This has originated the so called ‘Campamento Tortuguero’ or ‘Turtle Camp Site’ by large numbers of visitors with the errand of putting the eggs in safe places, in order to permit them to hatch away from predators.

When the small turtles finally manage to break free from their eggs (in 45 days) they are helped to reach the sea to go on with their lives in a natural way. The freeing journeys are an entertaining occurrence, as well as an accomplishment to the task of preserving the flora and fauna of the planet.

If you still need any more reasons to come to Nuevo Vallarta, then think in a horse ride at sunset time, or in a relaxing walk while smelling the breeze from the sea, or in a bohemian night under a splendid moon… So, come on, prepare your luggage and your tan lotion. The sun and the waves are awaiting for you.

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