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Museums in Villahermosa Mexico



History Museum of Tabasco: its permanent exhibitions reveal to the eye and understanding of the visitor the diverse stages of the history of the state, from its pre Hispanic origins, with an emphasis on the Olmeca and Mayan Cultures, up to our days, passing through the periods of the conquest, the colonisation and the Mexican revolution.

Its valuable collections nourish on paintings, engraves, photographs, weapons and diverse historic objects, with a coat of arms of the State of Tabasco and a canvas from the XVIII century, with the image of San Antonio de Padua, standing out amongst this “sea of valuable objects”.

The museum was inaugurated in 1986 and has as its seat the House of the Glazed Tiles, an elegant mansion built between 1890 and 1915. Called like this because of the flashy glazed tiles that adorn its façade, this architectonic jewel is unique in the Mexican southeast due to the singularity of its design and its constructive style.

The ground floor of the house hosts a temporary exhibition room, the museum’s auditorium, a handicrafts’ shop and the area of editions; the rooms housing the permanent exhibitions are on the upper floor. We definitely think this is a top Mexico destination.

Address: Crossing of 27 de Febrero Avenue and Juarez Street, in the refurbished zone of the Historic Centre of Villahermosa
Phone number: (52-993) 314-2172
Working hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9:00 hours up till 20:00 hours; and from 10:00 hours up till 18:30 hours on Sundays

Carlos Pellicer Regional Museum of Anthropology: its valuable collection of 770 archaeological objects constitutes one of the most complete legacies of the Mayas and the Olmecas, peoples that inhabited the current territory of the State of Tabasco. Besides, it keeps cultural vestiges found in the zones of Tlatilco and Teotihuacán.
Its halls exhibit works made of clay, stone, stucco, seashell and metal; artistic and utilitarian elements that demonstrate the development of the cultural and technological progress of the pre Hispanic peoples. The grinning statue of a young Olmeca male stands out amongst its historic and artistic treasures; it is an image that marks the beginning of the tour through the hall of Monumental Objects (ground floor), where superb sculptures are on exhibition. Flashy objects such as the Pellicer Vase, a beautiful polychrome vessel, can be seen on the mezzanine.
The museum was inaugurated in 1952 in the seat of the Technological School; though two decades later, and thanks to the drive of renowned local poet Carlos Pellicer, the construction of an especial seat to keep the historic legacy of the state began; the works were finished in 1976.
However, it was inaugurated only in February of 1980. The new museum got the name of its main promoter and developer, Carlos Pellicer Camara, on its third anniversary; nowadays it is part of the Investigation Centre of the Olmeca and Mayan Cultures (CICOM).

Address: 511 Carlos Pellicer Camara Periphery Road, CICOM Zone, Villahermosa, Tabasco
Working hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 hours up till 17:00 hours
Entrance fee: nationals 15 pesos, students 5 pesos and foreigners 25 pesos

La Venta Park Museum: it is a spectacular cultural space of 6.8 hectares in open air, built in the vicinity of the Lagoon of Illusions. Here, amid a tropical forest environment, imposing Olmeca sculptures coming from the Archaeological Compound of La Venta, one of the main legacies of this pre Hispanic people, are on exhibition.
The museum is one of the most complete in the world regarding the Olmeca Culture, and its prestige is sustained on the exhibition of colossal heads sculpted in basaltic rock; with a weigh of over 20 tons and a height of over two metres, these rock giants not only amaze for their size but also for their admirable physiognomy, in which features proper of the black people are predominant.
Other outstanding objects in the museum are the monoliths, with their four-metre height, and the superb altars with niches, where the Olmecas engraved a series of characters of great vitality.
All these pieces are part of the 33 pre Hispanic sculptures moved to the museum between 1957 and 1958 from the complex of La Venta, located 130 kilometres west of Villahermosa.
The measure, driven by local poet Carlos Pellicer, was taken to protect the archaeological legacy that was in an endangered situation due to the oil explorations taking place in the area.
The museum was inaugurated in March of 1958 and recreates a suggestive forest environment (there is even a zoo), and each sculpture has been placed considering its original position in order to reproduce the archaeological site.

Address: Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Boulevard unnumbered, Villahermosa (adjacent to the Tomas Garrido Canabal Park)
Phone number: (52-993) 314-1652
Working hours: Mondays to Sundays from 8:00 hours up till 16:00 hours; take into account that the zoo is closed on Mondays
Entrance fee: nationals 20 pesos, students 10 pesos and foreigners 40 pesos

Museum of Natural History: it is the only one on its specialty in Mexico’s southeast; it was inaugurated in 1988 and has 6 rooms, 5 permanent and the other for temporary exhibitions, which reveal in a didactic way the evolution of the planet, the plants, animals and humans.
The museum is in the Tomas Garrido Park, situated on the shores of the Lagoon of Illusions, in La Venta Park Museum.

Address: Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Avenue unnumbered, Villahermosa
Working hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 hours up till 17:00 hours
Entrance fee: general public 15 pesos, students 5 pesos

Carlos Pellicer Camara House Museum:on June the 11th of 1985 was inaugurated this museum in the house where the famous son of Tabasco was born and lived, for the purpose of conserving and exhibiting the documents, furniture and personal objects of the so-called “Poet of America”.
The Carlos Pellicer Museum has 4 rooms in which more than 1550 diverse objects related to the live and work of this man of letters are displayed. The visits are guided and the exhibition permanent; its seat is a typical house of the XIX century.

Address: 203 Narciso Saenz Street, Centre – Luz Zone, Villahermosa
Working hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 hours up till 20:00 hours
Entrance: free

Angel Gil Hermida Museum of Popular Culture: close to 400 pieces and objects, representing the purest and flashiest manifestations of traditional art made by the peoples and ethnic groups of Tabasco, adorn the 3 rooms (2 permanent) of this museum inaugurated on October the 16th of 1984, in a big traditional house from the XX century donated by sculptor Angel Gil Hermida.
The flashiest garments and music instruments utilised on the dances of the region are exhibited in its permanent rooms, besides different objects of ceremonial use employed by the local peasants, such as the small engraved cups or jicaras, spoons carved from pepper wood, cages and traps for birds, amongst other objects.
Temporary exhibitions of popular art from Tabasco and other parts of the country are arranged in the remaining room. Workshops and books’ presentations also take place, amongst other events.

Address: 810 Ignacio Zaragoza Street, Colony Centre, Villahermosa
Working hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 hours up till 20:00 hours
Entrance: free

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